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Established in 2022, BLUE CHICKEN CULT ENTERTAINMENT™ (Owned by Goode Enterprise Solutions, Inc.)

Blue Chicken Cult Entertainment produces video games, feature films, scripted series, animated series, and documentaries based on the Sphere Being Alliance (SBA) Universe™ Intellectual Property, based on the True Life Testimony of Corey Goode. 

The SBA Universe™ depicts an alternate historical timeline from the one we know where we produce content based on stories about Ancient Alien Civilizations, Alien Abductions, Secret Space Programs, Time Travel, Alternate Universes, Unexplained Cryptid Creatures, Ghosts, Shadow Beings, and Demonic Entities, to name a few. 

Goode Enterprise Solutions Inc.’s DBAs – BLUE CHICKEN CULT ENTERTAINMENT™ & DISCLOSURE COMICS™ are owned and operated by Corey and Stacy Goode.